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Networking Breakfast features Myers, Two EEs

Posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Huntington County Chamber of Commerce held a networking breakfast on Tuesday, September 11 at the Cottage Event Center, Roanoke. Featured speakers for the morning were Rob Myers showcasing his photography/videography business and Dave Harris representing Two EEs Winery. Tim Powell, president of the Roanoke Chamber of Commerce, was the emcee for the morning where over 65 in attendance enjoyed breakfast and fellowship together.

Rob Myers began his presentation by thanking the Chamber for the opportunity to be there. Myers is a photographer and videographer who was born in Huntington and lived in Bippus. In 1984 he traveled to California with “the dream of being a filmmaker.” He created a game that was well-received and played at festivals and then worked for Seacrest TV as a film producer. He also worked with Internet jobs for ad agencies, marketing and web developers.

He formed his own company called Ramp Media and has worked with companies such as Starbucks, Petron Tequila, the Indianapolis Colts, NFL Women’s Apparel, Habitat for Humanity, gymnastic facilities, Davis and Duke Winery-St. Helena, California, Equifera Wine and more.

Myers showed the audience a sample of some his videography including an “Owl in the Vineyards” working with the Audubon Society, a video about Canada IceWine and an additional film about the Rich Coles family of Huntington and their exploits in BMX racing. Myers has also done extensive work in California on a community redevelopment project including a large scale panaroma of a forest called “The Forest for the Trees” which re-imagines redwood trees mid market.

Myers is now located in Huntington and is a portrait, commercial, and lifestyle photographer. He is available to photograph families, children, senior portraits, engagement and bridal, weddings and other events. Additionally, he continues to work in videography. For more information about Rob Myers Photography – Ramp Media Videography visit,, or call (260) 388-5028.

Dave Harris followed Myers with a presentation about the developing Two EEs Winery near Roanoke. Harris represented his son Eric and financee Emily who operate Two EES, but were unable to attend the breakfast.

Harris explained that the pair are working on the harvest of grapes at a new winery in Fremont that they had committed to, he said, “When grapes are ready to harvest, you have to be ready to harvest them.”

Dave Harris lives in Fremont, but has plans to locate to the Huntington area. He said Eric and Emily are located here and Eric will be the general manager of Two EEs Winery and Emily will be the tasting room manager. Harris showed a picture of the Two EEs logo, which when observed, looks like two facing EEs where wine glasses can be denoted in the drawing.

“The personalities of Eric and Emily are reflected in the business,” according to Harris, he continued, “Eric loves to be in the vineyard and Emily, is a girly girl, they contrast each other in their styles.”

Harris explained that Eric began his career at Joseph Decuis and completed the wine Sommelier wine education program and learned amateur winemaking from Emily’s dad. Eric traveled to UC Davis, California and was educated in the science of growing grapes and making wine. Eric then worked for the past three years at Satek Winery, Fremont, which recently won double golds and gold metals at the 2012 Indy International Wine Competition.

“Emily,” Harris continued, “is an interior designer by education and her taste will be seen in the winery, its very eclectic.” Emily is also a part of an organization that helps disabled veterans called “Our Turn to Serve.” She has been a pageant queen and has been named Miss Fort Wayne two times, Miss Allen County and others and plans to continue in pageant work.

Harris said that there is an enormity of selection of wine and it is hard for the consumer to know how to choose. He explained, “The winery will provide the opportunity to taste the wine and buy based on the taste. The Two EEs staff will explain wines, taste, scent and how wine is made.”

Two EEs is located along U.S. 24 East at 675 North near Roanoke on 40 acres with five cleared for the building and vineyard. The building itself is 6,000 square feet with a planned 2,000 square foot viewing room. After a visit to the winery and wine sampling, visitors will be able to walk the trails and meadows on the property, watch birds and connect the land with the wines, according to Harris. Special events will take place throughout the year such as grape stomping, Winos – women in need of shopping, car shows, fund raisers, BBQs, catering and light music.

A large selection of wines will be available at Two EEs such as white wines, five fruit wines and Chardonnay – a dessert wine. According to Harris, the vineyard will try to be fully organic with grasses to encourage good insects and raptor birds to deal with smaller birds that eat the grapes. Bats will also be used to take care of insects.

Harris said that three words can be used to describe Two EES, “Deliver – an experience tasting different wines and enjoying the outdoors, Relax – the appeal of the winery for people who work 40 to 50 hours a week and Connect – with other people who enjoy wine and camaraderie.”

Two EEs plans soft openings after the building is complete in December with a grand opening in April. The business website or facebook page is Harris can be e-mailed at