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Metalloid gives several students early Christmas

Posted: Friday, December 14, 2018

Metalloid Corporation, Huntington, gave several Horace Mann Elementary School students an early Christmas. The corporation purchased and donated 30 winter coats along with hats and gloves to the school earlier this week.

Luke Vickrey, general manager of Metalloid, explained that the business has been in Huntington for 67 years and wanted to give back to the community. A phone call to the Huntington County Chamber of Commerce helped direct Metalloid’s search for a community need. The Chamber then contacted Chad Daugherty, the assistant superintendent for instruction with the Huntington County Community School Corporation, for ideas. Daugherty suggested Metalloid look into doing something that would benefit students at Horace Mann.

“It was a new school,” says Daugherty of Horace Mann, which reopened this school year after closing in 2011. “Everybody else has kind of adopted all the other schools.”

“We’ve been in here since 1951, so Huntington has been a big part of our corporation,” explains Jennifer Barth, the director of manufacturing at Metalloid’s headquarters in Sturgis, Michigan. “So, we just wanted to give back and we’re glad we could do it this way, especially for kids who need coats.”

After identifying the needs at Horace Mann, it was decided that Metalloid would furnish the school with winter clothing, to be distributed to students in need of such garments, as identified by the school’s teachers. To that end Metalloid shopped for and purchased brand-new coats, hats and gloves. Personnel from the company, including Barth and Vickrey, then packed the winter clothing in gift boxes and wrapped them. Each box contained a coat, hat and gloves and was marked with sizing information to ensure that the contents within fit the student who received them.

Mark DuBois, principal at Horace Mann, said that he is grateful for Metalloid’s giving spirit. “This is awesome,” he said, “I’ve never experienced anything like this. So, it’s kind of like a shock factor, in a way.” DuBois continued, “This is just a great opportunity for some of our students to get a great jacket and winter clothing. It’s just meeting a need. It’s pretty special that Metalloid’s willing to invest in our students, and into our community.”

Shown in the photo are Harmony Gumpp, left, and Brady Harmon, right, wrapping boxes of winter clothing for Horace Mann students.