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Members to hear about interpersonal violence

Posted: Friday, December 20, 2013

Tena Dellaca-Hedrick will speak to local Chamber members on Friday, January 10 at the Victory Noll Center, 1900 W. Park Drive. Dellaca-Hedrick will address the HR/Professional Development group of the Huntington County Chamber of Commerce on the topic of “The Dynamics of Interpersonal Violence.” The meeting is open to all Chamber members.

The discussion will begin at 11:30 a.m. and conclude by 1 p.m. There is a $10 fee which includes lunch for all Chamber members and $15 for non-members. This educational opportunity will provide an understanding of the complex problem of interpersonal violence and how it impacts the workplace. At the completion of this training attendees will be able define interpersonal violence, identify strategies for communication with employees impacted by interpersonal violence, distinguish between effective management practices and practices of revictimization and will have a broader and deeper understanding how interpersonal violence intersects with employee productivity and attendance.

Tena Dellaca-Hedrick, BS, HS-BCP, NAVA, FDS, has won local, state and national awards for her dedication to victims of violent crime, excellence in academia, and volunteering in and around her community. Ms. Dellaca-Hedrick is a nationally accredited Victim Advocate, Indiana Certified Family Development Specialist and a Human Service Board Certified Clinical Practitioner and brings thirteen years of experience in education, victimology and social activism, through which she has worked in excess of 9,000 cases of victimization in her professional career.

She currently holds the position of Social Justice Program Coordinator, at Victory Noll Center in Huntington; a faith-based organization that addresses issues of social justice from a contemplative perspective. Additionally, she holds the position of faculty for the Indiana Statewide Victim Assistance Academy, where she teaches cultural and spiritual competency and is an adjunct professor at Indiana Tech, where she teaches Criminal Justice Ethics and Diversity, Victimology, Social Problems and Conflict Resolution. Dellaca-Hedrick lives her life from three perspectives. They are, “It is within the solitude of self-love that all love is discovered,” “You are only as powerful as those you empower,” and “Leadership is not a position; it is an action that a leader uses to empower those they lead to become leaders themselves.”

Those interested in attending this event, please call the Chamber office at (260) 356-5300 or email