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Meet the Chamber Directors

Posted: Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Trace Brown-Hinesley
Director of Special Programs, Huntington County Community Schools

* In business in this area for 27 years
* On the Chamber board for one year
* Member of the Chamber’s Community Development/Small Business Committee

Why does she believe the Chamber is important to Huntington County?

“Huntington is our home. From the eyes of a child to those of a maturing adult, our Chamber inspires engagement through a layering of experiences. Some unfold in the moment, while others span over time.

“Chamber events influence tradition in our community, such as celebrating 50 years of fond memories through the sponsorship of Heritage Days. They provide opportunity to empower our community business through expansion of networking and awareness building — for instance, the Chamber Business of the Month, 12@12, After Hours, and the Farmers’ Market.

“Chamber initiatives promote learning to enhance skills and hone practices through lectures, seminars, showcases, etc.  The Huntington County Chamber of Commerce seeks avenues to build relations and connections to increase success. The passion to ‘prosper’ is strong!”