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McElhaney-Hart and Bowen Center team up

Posted: Friday, May 24, 2013

Michael McElhaney, owner, McElhaney-Hart Funeral Home has expressed his concern for a way to provide additional support for the families they serve. According to McElhaney, “Oftentimes families are not prepared to deal with the emotions that surface after the initial shock begins to subside.” McElhaney and his staff at McElhaney-Hart have decided to team with the Bowen Center to provide additional support during the immediate loss and into the months following the loss.

A various degree of loss and grief is to be expected when a loved one passes. This is expected and is normal. Although the memories remain, the length of time it takes to recover and resume normal activities varies from person to person. The recovery time and length of emotional duress can be minimized by professional grief counseling.

Bowen Center is one of Northeast Indiana’s largest mental health agencies, with local offices in Huntington and ten other counties. Each office is equipped to provide the families served by McElhaney-Hart with individual, personal and confidential grief therapy with their team of professional counselors. The staff at the Bowen Center are trained and equipped in not only grief counseling but also in the many other issues of concern. The service can be obtained in complete confidence. The family member can contact The Bowen Center location of their choice directly and schedule their own appointment.

The program is called a Grief Assistance Program (GAP) and is provided at no cost to the families served by McElhaney-Hart Funeral Home. For more information, please contact Michael McElhaney at (260) 356-3320 or Paulette Bently at the Bowen Center, (800) 342-5653, extension 3632 for confidential assistance in scheduling an appointment.

Shown in the photo above, back row, left to right are Michael McElhaney, owner, McElhaney-Hart Funeral Home; Barbara Young, McElhaney-Hart and Diane Burkhardt of the Bowen Center. Front row, left to right are Christi Scher, McElhaney-Hart Funeral Home, Shelly Snyder and Ted Westerhof of the Bowen Center.