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Mayor gives the “State of the City” for 2019

Posted: Friday, February 1, 2019

The Chamber of Commerce hosted a “State of the City” for 2019 event this morning with Mayor Brooks Fetters. The event took place at Café of Hope beginning at 7:30 a.m. The Chamber provided coffee for those attending. The Mayor presented to more than 50 individuals who braved the weather to hear about completed projects and additional plans for the City of Huntington.

Mayor Fetters talked to the group about accomplishments during 2018 and plans for his administration for 2019. Mayor Fetters highlighted the completed Etna Avenue project. Fetters said, “This corridor into Huntington is simply beautiful. We placed over 9,400 tons of asphalt and 117 inlets with the new sewer system. For the first time in many years, this part of town saw no flooding issues. New businesses have opened along Etna Avenue including Blazin AKERS and Apollo Caster.”

Fetters went on to say, “The sewer separation on State Street is now completed with new curbs and sidewalks. What looked like a war zone is now freshly paved and a very nice area of our community.”

“The City is in the process of a new industrial park on 127 acres just west of Riverfork Industrial Park. The new site comes with both highway and rail service.” said Fetters.

The City of Huntington saw new home construction rise this year. In 2018, 47 new homes were built in the city limits with roughly 75% being built on the south side of Huntington. This is good news for our community. The City saw 5,947 volunteers doing work in the community. Those volunteers contributed 19,366 hours of volunteer work on 158 different projects. Fetters said that this equates to roughly $400,000 worth of work done with volunteer help.

Some of the administration’s plans for 2019 include the completion of the UB Odd Fellows Building in downtown Huntington. This site will host a Creative Arts Center, Huntington University’s entrepreneurial program and 37 market share apartments. They are still working on eliminating the blight at H-K Porter on Sabine Street, where over $900,000 has already been spent and seven building torn down.

Fetters said, “If I have a legacy project for my time in office, it is the cleanup of the H-K Porter site. Those individuals that live in that neighborhood deserve better.”

State Senator Andy Zay, Jerry Alexander with Senator Mike Braun’s office, Chris Crabtree representing Congressman Jim Banks’ office and several local elected officials were also in attendance this morning.

Pictured in the photo is Mayor Brooks Fetters as he presents his “State of the City” at the Café of Hope this morning. Over 50 individuals attended this morning’s session.