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Mayor gives the “State of the City” for 2018

Posted: Friday, February 2, 2018

The Chamber of Commerce hosted a “State of the City” for 2018 event this morning with Mayor Brooks Fetters. The event took place at Café of Hope beginning at 7:30 a.m. The Chamber provided coffee for those attending. The Mayor presented to a full house of over 70 individuals.

Mayor Fetters updated those in attendance on several key initiatives that will be on the agenda for 2018. Mayor Fetters talked to the group about accomplishments during 2017 and plans for his administration for 2018. Some of the administration’s plans for 2018 include more paving of streets, additional enhancements at Veterans Memorial at Memorial Park, the new dog park, UB Odd Fellows Building in downtown Huntington, new neighborhood associations, the Etna Avenue project, eliminating blight and the cleanup at H-K Porter on Sabine Street. Fetters said, “If I have a legacy project for my time in office, it is the cleanup of the H-K Porter site. Those individuals that live in that neighborhood deserve better.”

State Senator Andy Zay, Tinisha Weigelt, Office Manager and Financial Administrator for Congressman Jim Banks’ office and several elected officials were also in attendance this morning.

Pictured in the photo at left is Mayor Brooks Fetters as he presents his “State of the City” at the Café of Hope this morning. The photo at right shows those in attendance just prior to the “State of the City” address. Over 70 individuals attended this morning’s session.