Friday, April 16th, 2021

Malta House purchases Burger Palace

Posted: Friday, April 29, 2011

The former Burger Palace property on S. Jefferson Street was purchased last week at auction by the Malta House. The Malta House men’s shelter will expand its services through a restaurant ministry at the additional location.

The goal of the Malta House board is to create a nonprofit burger place that offers training for volunteers and with proceeds going to the men’s shelter and the upcoming women’s shelter, according to board member and local realtor Teresa Kaylor. The board plans to open in June, with home-cooked meals offered before fall.

Kaylor says she hopes the restaurant will provide a healthy alternative burger with traditional favorites like burgers, fries, shakes and drinks at reasonable, inexpensive prices. In the future she says home-cooked meals that feed four to five people will be offered.

The manager will be hired and the plan includes staffing the restaurant with volunteers that will not be paid, but will receive skills training for settings such as the restaurant industry, customer service and retail.

The Malta House has served 54 men since its opening, and 11 of the 12 beds at the shelter are currently full. According to Kaylor, it costs about $1,800 per week to keep the shelter running. All funding is from public donations or churches; no funding is from the government.