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Love INC to hold Annual Christmas Gift Shop

Posted: Friday, October 14, 2016

Love INC. will again hold its Annual Christmas Gift Shop with registration beginning on Monday, October 17 and running through November 23.

This is the fifth year in which the event has taken place, with last year’s event serving 134 families, including 309 children. This year’s gift shop will be hosted at St. Peter’s First Communi­ty Church at 206 Etna Avenue. The event’s purpose is to “put Christmas back in the hands of families,” said Joey Spiegel, executive director of Love INC. For a contribution of $5 per child, parents can go to the Gift Shop and shop for a variety of quality toys for children of all ages.

“It was a great thing,” said one mother who purchased toys for her three children, “It was fantastic. And I know that it helped more than just me. The amount of gifts they had to choose from was beyond anything I had anticipated. It was a huge help for the community.”

To register to participate in this event, you can stop by the Love INC office, located at 715 Byron Street. The store will be open De­cember 15 through December 17, but in order to participate, families must be registered by November 23.

To make this event a success, Love INC depends on a variety of toy donations and volunteers. Those wishing to donate finan­cially or volunteer their time can contact the office at (260) 356-0933. For a complete wish list of items that need to be donated, you may visit the website at www.loveinchtown.org/giftshop.