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Library, LAF present The Rope Warrior

Posted: Friday, December 2, 2011

Huntington City-Township Public Library and the LaFontaine Arts Council invite kids of all ages and their families to a performance by Guinness World Record Holder David Fisher, the Rope Warrior, at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, December 7 at Huntington City-Township Public Library. In this high-impact, high-energy stage show, The Rope Warrior performs spectacular routines choreographed to a kaleidoscope of music. Trick rope techniques delivered with power, finesse and breakneck speed are enhanced with vibrant music and a brilliant breathtaking light show executed with glow ropes and other special effects.

A member of The United States Amateur Jump Rope Federation, Fisher doesn’t limit himself to school playground-variety jump roping; his amazing repertoire includes such razzle-dazzle techniques as: glow-in-the-dark ropes; power jumping, where the rope passes under his feet up to four times per jump; jumping rope while sitting and lying on the floor (“rump jumps” or “tush-ups”); rope-jumping versions of practically any dance step; dribbling a ball with his feet while jumping rope; and jumping rope while encased in a human-sized balloon -  all to a background of pulsating, contemporary music. His rope speed has been timed at over 100 mph.  He has made over 100 national television appearances, and has performed for Boris Yeltsin in Russia and for Presidents Clinton and Bush. Since 1993, David has performed live for over five million school children.

Fisher says, “I believe that rope jumping is becoming a pop culture phenomenon, like break-dancing. It’s inexpensive, portable, and infinite in its creative possibilities, and is one of the best cardiovascular workouts one can get.”

David Fisher’s performance at Huntington City-Township Public Library is sponsored by the LaFontaine Arts Council. No registration is necessary to attend, and the program is free of charge. Huntington City-Township Public Library is located at 255 W. Park Drive.  For more information, contact the Library’s Children’s Department at (260) 356-2900, or call the LaFontaine Arts Council at (260) 358-0055.