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Levi Wilson is new manager at TCB Games

Posted: Thursday, May 30, 2013

Levi Wilson is the new manager at TCB Games located in downtown Huntington. Originally from Huntington, Wilson knew Todd Nightenhelser, owner of TCB Games, for several years prior to his employment.

Wilson came to TCB Games from Goshen where he worked as a business developer. He graduated from Huntington University and followed this with graduation from Indiana University with a Master’s of Business Administration with a concentration in marketing a year ago.

TCB Games corporate office is located in Huntington. The business is trying to be the epicenter for entertainment for any sort of game according to Wilson. TCB also provides gaming space and holds gaming activities every day. The store’s current focus is working on getting people interested and involved in playing games and will teach individuals how to play specific games.

Wilson says that he loves working in the gaming industry, that it has always been a part of his life growing up. He also adds that he is able to apply his theoretical knowledge from school and experience. Wilson attends the 509 Community Church located on State Street.