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Letter to community from Youth Services Bureau

Posted: Friday, March 31, 2017

Dear Friends,

We know you have been teenagers before, but you have no idea what it is like being a teenager today, nor do you know what we have been through. Drugs, alcohol, constant drama, anger and anxiety issues, increased peer pressure to perhaps make bad choices and the effects of social media are only a small part of what we deal with daily. Often times we are not only dealing with our own issues we are also dealing with our parents’ issues.

We are asking you to help us and other young people in Huntington County by supporting this year’s “Making a Difference” community fund drive. The Youth Services Bureau of Huntington County has been helping kids like us for 30 years with programs that help not only young people but our families as well. Some of the programs include: Students out of School, Teen Court, Teen Suicide Prevention, Tools for Life and Skills for Life.

We know that there are always people asking you for their support but we wanted to tell you why you should support the YSB. The YSB is a safe place for kids, a place that doesn’t judge us and will accept us even when we make bad choices. They provide a place where there is less pressure so we can do what we need to do. They help us learn important life skills such as ways to deal with our anger, the risks of drug and alcohol use and how to deal with peer pressure.

The YSB not only helps us young people but they help our parents as well. When they work with our parents and us together, we learn ways to talk to each other and how to work together as a family better. We believe that the YSB really is the second chance for many of us. They are a place that helps us succeed! Without them we are not sure where we would be.

Here are some examples of how your support helps: $50 will provide a student with the school supplies he/she needs; $60 will provide an infant a safe, age-appropriate child car seat along with proper installation; $75 will provide five suicide prevention posters with informational cards to be displayed throughout Huntington County; $100 will provide an entire seventh grade class with suicide prevention education and $200 will provide community suicide prevention training for up to 30 adults. Please support the YSB as they continue to work with us and our families.

Thank you for your support,

Youth Services Bureau of Huntington County