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Lemons, making a difference one child at a time

Posted: Friday, December 13, 2013

They were a couple seeking something new in their lives. He was a youngster with big hopes and dreams. When their paths intersected, something “big” began in the lives of Satin and Ryan Lemon and their “little brother” Andrew.

The Lemons, of Huntington, are a “big couple” with Big Brothers Big Sisters. They not only wanted to volunteer their time, but make a visible difference in their community as well.

“We both had a desire to become more involved, in some capacity, ideally with a child like Andrew,” Ryan explained. “But we wanted to find something that we could do together and this met both needs. To be a ‘big’ couple with Andrew was an opportunity that we didn’t have to think hard about.”

When they met two years ago, the three “clicked” right away and enjoyed activities such as swimming, science projects, hanging out at the mall and playing laser tag. The trio plan to spend their second anniversary together by heading to a family game arcade. One of their activities has piqued Andrew’s interest in a future career.

“We might be going to a thrift shop soon, working on sewing,” he said. “Don’t take that weird, but I like to sew. I’ve liked sewing for about a year.”

Satin Lemon said Andrew also likes to help them do things around the house. “He’s always asking what he can do,” she said.

Hanging out with the Lemons has had a positive influence on Andrew, allowing him to explore new activities and ideas. It also gives him a way to release a little stress, he said.

“He’s more confident and outgoing,” Ryan said. “He’s been introduced to a large number of people when we’re out in public with him that he might not otherwise have a chance to interact with.”

The Lemons want to see more couples become involved in mentoring a child through Big Brothers Big Sisters. The benefits of their unique relationship have worked both ways, enriching their lives as much as it has their young sibling.

“We’re not parents yet; we don’t have children,” Satin said, adding that Andrew will often tutor them on what to expect from kids. “He’s taught us about our relationship and how we’ll handle things for our own children in the future.”

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