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Lemons honored at Recognition Dinner

Posted: Thursday, July 30, 2015

Huntington County residents Ryan and Satin Lemon received the “Big Couple of the Year” award at the 2015 Volunteer Recognition Dinner on Thursday, July 23 at Hotel Fort Wayne for their exceptional work with the agency and the profound impact that they have had on their Little Brother, Andrew.

They were selected among four other nominees by a carefully selected panel of judges consisting of community leaders from across the Agency’s 13-county service area, who rated the nominees based on information from their Littles, the Littles’ parents and agency staff members. The panel of judges is as follows: Eric Johnson, Tuthill Transfer Systems; Jason Knothe, JH Specialty; Gary Hamilton, Chief, Fort Wayne Police Department; Kathy Callen, Old National Bank; Heather Hendrickson, Kohl’s; Michael Zahn, First Federal Savings Bank and Doug Roth, Do It Best Corp.

Big Couple Ryan and Satin were first matched with Little Brother Andrew in 2011. Since the very beginning, this trio has shared a deep and mutual friendship and has enjoyed numerous activities including swimming, science projects, hanging out at the mall, playing laser tag and doing homework.

“We care a lot about Andrew,” said Satin. “When we first met, Andrew was a shy 9-year-old who was not comfortable being out in public. We have only been matched a few years, but today Andrew is an outgoing, confident 12-year-old turning into a promising young man.”

According to Ryan and Satin, the benefits of their relationship with Andrew are reciprocal; before they had their first child, Andrew gave them the experience and knowledge of what to expect from kids. The Big Couple now has an infant daughter and consider Andrew an “honorary uncle.” Needless to say, Andrew has become an extension of Ryan and Satin’s family and their relationship will stand the test of time.