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Lehman's expanding, adding showroom

Posted: Friday, August 26, 2011

Lehman Floor Covering located at 1940 Etna Avenue is in the process of building an addition to their existing structure. The new 2,120 square-foot addition will be used as a warehouse for carpets, vinyl, tiles, laminates and more.

Tami Hahn, owner of Lehman Floor Covering, says by moving the inventory out of the existing building, it will enable her and husband, Rocky, to remodel the inside of the building and add showrooms and office space. She continued, “We simply do not have the space to expand and by taking down a couple of walls and moving inventory into the warehouse, it will allow us to be better organized and showcase our business. Our initial plans call for a bathroom and kitchen to be built. This service will allow our customers to see the finished rooms and how everything blends together before making a purchase.”

Todd Thomas, Tami’s brother, went on to say that when people look to remodel their home, they want to see how the sinks, cabinets, fixtures, mirrors and even lamps look together. “For the business to grow, we simply have to reorganize our store and offer a more personal touch for our customers,” he stated.

Along with the warehouse, Lehman’s are constructing a small two-story building that will house before and after pictures of jobs completed by Lehman’s. Customers will be able to see what the room looked like before and after completion. The building will also offer office space.

Shown at left is the new addition under construction at Lehman Floor Covering, 1940 Etna Avenue.