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Lake City donates to HU’s Don Strauss Center

Posted: Friday, October 23, 2020

Huntington University continues to feel the community’s support for university growth. Most recently this feeling of investment and community connection came in the form of a $100,000 commitment from Lake City Bank to the Don Strauss Animal Science Education Center and the Huntington University Haupert Institute for Agricultural Studies.

“Like Lake City Bank, Huntington University recognizes the critical importance of the agricultural community in Northeast Indiana and throughout the Midwest. Huntington’s practical, hands-on program brings students directly into the ag sector throughout their academic experience,” said David M. Findlay, president and chief executive officer of Lake City Bank.

The construction and naming of the Don Strauss Animal Science Education Center was announced in December of 2019, and construction began in spring of 2020. Named in honor of the late Don Strauss, a fourth-generation member of the Strauss family in North Manchester and founder of Strauss Veal Feeds and Midwest Poultry Services, the 10,000-square-foot space will house many of the key livestock elements of HU’s agriculture degrees.

“We covet the gifts and support of community partners like Lake City Bank,” said Dr. Sherilyn Emberton, president of Huntington University. “Their investment in this space is an investment in HU’s ag and biology students today and in the future.”

This investment in agriculture isn’t a first for Lake City Bank. In fact, it’s part of its pedigree.

“Lake City Bank has a proud history of banking the agricultural community,” said Findlay. “Since our founding in 1872, we’ve been banking Hoosier farmers and agricultural related businesses. We are one of the largest agricultural lenders in the state of Indiana and are very proud of our expertise in the ag sector and the strong relationships we have across the industry.”

The $100,000 gift will be made over four years, with $10,000 committed to support HU’s department of agriculture and $15,000 committed to the Don Strauss Animal Science Education Center each year.