Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

Johnson Junction to have new building

Posted: Friday, April 8, 2011

Johnson Junction is constructing a new building at its Business-24 location. The new updated building will offer customers a wider selection of many products and its planned opening is Monday, June 6, according to owner Darlene Stanley.

The existing building was closed on April 1 and is being demolished. The fuel islands were closed temporarily but are reopening with the placing of a trailer to serve as a mobile office until the new facility is completed. The trailer will be stocked with a very basic inventory of items such as cigarettes and candy bars, according to Stanley.

The Business-24 Johnson Junction has been located in the existing building since 1980 and prior to that time it was used to house a truck stop and a restaurant known as the Wishbone. Stanley said the building is being replaced because it age makes it inefficient and expensive to operate.

Stanley continued that the new building will be smaller than the previous structure but will stock a larger variety of some products including fountain and deli times. It will also be a safer building for the cashiers.