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Introducing HIP Employer Benefit Link Program

Posted: Friday, January 8, 2016

Submitted by Indiana Family and Social Services Administration

The HIP Employer Benefit Link program, otherwise known as “HIP Link” is Indiana’s new premium-assistance program that helps working, low-income Hoosiers afford the cost of their employer’s health insurance plans. HIP Link provides each member with an account to help pay for the member’s premium cost and out-of-pocket medical expenses (co-payments for doctor visits and co-insurance).

HIP Link not only provides a benefit for employees, but also provides many benefits to businesses as well. Businesses may use HIP Link to protect their most valuable assets - their staff. HIP Link may help to attract and retain employees by offering them a more affordable way to have commercial health coverage. HIP Link may also help to enroll more employees onto the group health plan which may help businesses meet plan participation requirements or lower the group premium rate.

So far nearly two dozen Indiana businesses have been approved to offer HIP Link to their employees. These businesses are located all around the state, range in size from small to large group employers, and represent various industries from restaurants to healthcare. Employers may register with the program free of cost by using the HIP Link online portal.

To learn more about the benefits and requirements for your business to register with HIP Link, please visit HIP Link’s Frequently Asked Questions section on Please direct questions to or call (317) 233-1549.