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Innovative Packaging celebrates 30 years

Posted: Friday, May 25, 2018

Innovative Packaging, Inc., 1312 Flaxmill Road, celebrated their 30th year in business on May 16. The business is now being operated by the second generation. Innovative Packaging, Inc. was begun in 1988 in a 6,000 square foot building on West Park Drive and its current operations are located in the 132,000 square foot Flaxmill facility.

The business was begun by Liz McClain and Gene Fleck and has now been handed down to the second generation. Today’s executive leadership team consists of three siblings, Chris Fleck, Lori Cox, Carrie Miller and Brien Blackburn. McClain is now retired and Gene Fleck is also retired, but still participates in the business as its chairman of the board.

Innovative Packaging was moved in 2000 to the newly renovated Flaxmill Road facility. Currently there are 43 employees. Over the years, Innovative has become more active in the community with Miller involved with the Huntington County Chamber of Commerce, Cox with the United Way of Huntington County and Fleck with the Huntington Rotary Club.

Most of Innovative’s customers are within a three hour radius of Huntington. The diversified list of customers represents companies in a wide variety of industries including automotive, electronic, party supply, food, retail and heavy manufacturing.

“Our boxes are sent as far away as Texas, California and Mexico,” said Miller. Miller continued, “The boxes also end up in China and other parts of the world. Boxes made in Huntington are shipped around the world.”

The product line at Innovative includes all sizes of boxes, die cuts, partition assemblies and a large variety of hand assembly items. The business’s equipment can produce three-color printed boxes and includes an automatic partition assembler, Flexo-Folder-Gluers and a rotary die cutter along with an array of smaller support pieces of equipment.

According to Fleck, “We invest in improving our processes and our equipment. We want to keep our machinery as up-to-date as possible.”

Cox said, “Innovative not only invests in machinery, but also invests in their employees. She said that the Innovative team wants them to enjoy their job and they try to do what they can for them.”

“Our longest-term employee has been with us for 26 out of our 30 years. Between the three of us siblings, we have over 60 years of experience,” said Miller.

Innovative is currently pursuing an ISO 9000 certification to keep their processes up-to-date. When working with other businesses, the certification is necessary to do business with them.

“We have a strong focus on building and maintaining solid relationships with other businesses in the community,” said Cox. She continued, “We would love to build more relationships and become better neighbors with other businesses in our community.”

“Our niche is to do whatever our customer wants from us. We take the little stuff and the hard stuff that other box businesses do not want to do, and we do them,” said Fleck.

According to the executive leadership team, “UTEC was our largest client until they moved to Mexico. With that being said, we still do business locally with UTEC, but we also work with Onward Manufacturing, Bendix, Shuttleworth, Lime City Manufacturing, Huntington Sheet Metal, Gerdau, Midwest Industrial Metal Fabrication, Shindigz in South Whitley and more,” said Miller. She also explained, “We specialize in just-in-time delivery. Many of our customers order quantities, but are not wanting all of them delivered at one time. We warehouse the boxes and deliver them when the customer needs them.”

The team concluded, “As second generation owners, we take a lot of pride in working with our employees, customers and vendors. We do what we can to make all of our relationships as positive as possible.”

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Innovative Packaging, Inc. celebrated 30 years in business on Wednesday, May 16. Shown in the photo is the leadership team. From left, are siblings Carrie Miller, Chris Fleck and Lori Cox.