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INM Electric making themselves a national name

Posted: Friday, April 27, 2018

INM Electric of Huntington is a local electrical contractor with a national presence. INM’s main line of work is in energy conservation and co-generation. This work has taken them from Huntington and throughout Indiana to Oregon, Alabama, Virginia, Texas, Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois and Arkansas.

According to a news release, “Combined they have saved customers over $1.8M from monthly energy cost.”

INM installs new lighting in facilities that, when combined with current rebates, can have an ROI of 22 months or less. Some projects pay for themselves in less than a year. By utilizing a lease program these projects can even be done with absolutely no additional cost, just let the savings pay for everything. Combine the savings with the increase light levels that result from new lighting and it is no wonder why these projects are so popular. Locally INM has had projects at over a dozen facilities including Bendix, Pathfinder Services, Huntington University and the Huntington City-Township Public Library.

INM can also help in the area of solar co-generation. Having installed over 6M-watts of solar power to date they have the experience to provide installation, grid connection and help with utility agreements. If you are in Huntington County and combine solar with a lighting project at your facility there might be a grant available as well if done very soon.

Recently INM has also joined forces with Kreider Maintenance Services for agricultural electrical services as well. Together they form a team offering motor and motor control repair/replacement, and complete automation design and installation, a valuable and needed service that seems to have been limited recently in and around Huntington County.

By combining these extra value specialty’s with general electrical contractor services like equipment installation, electrical repairs and branch circuit and new construction wiring INM is poised to become one of the next big companies out of Huntington County.

INM can be reached through their website at or directly to the office at (260) 224-3377.