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Indiana Tech offers PhD in Global Leadership

Posted: Friday, April 6, 2018

The importance of responsible and culturally aware leadership in today’s world has grown exponentially, and that is why Indiana Tech’s online PhD in Global Leadership program provides the flexibility and convenience that today’s leaders require.

The PhD in Global Leadership program offers a chance to refine leadership skills and, more importantly, examine the student’s impact through a global and culturally mindful lens. Emerging from Indiana Tech’s program, the student will have found better consciousness of ethical standards, be able to communicate to followers with a clear understanding of the worldwide significance of their decisions, and to conduct themselves with the confidence of a globally engaged and conscientious individual.

Some of Indiana Tech’s students venture through the program with the intent to bolster and expand their current work. Others are seeking leadership roles in organizations that will allow them to be impactful on a larger scale. All of Indiana Tech’s students, however, graduate from the program with the expertise and readiness to guide the world toward a better future.

Structured into six sessions per year, students are able to enroll whenever it is most convenient for their schedule.  For more information, visit