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Indiana needs right-to-work status

Posted: Friday, October 7, 2011

Article submitted by the Regional Chamber

Did You Know?

· Northeast Indiana is eliminated on up to 50% of site selector lists because Indiana is not a right-to-work state?

· This isn’t because our workforce is unable to do the job, or because we can’t deliver the product, or get it to market, but simply because we never make the list.

· Right-to-work is an initial threshold. So many companies never see the great things it is doing. It’s time to stop self elimination.

Call to Action!

Yesterday the Regional Chamber and Economic Development leaders from Whitley, Wells, Wabash, and the Regional Partnership traveled to the statehouse to testify on the urgency of passing right-to-work legislation for our 10-county region.

It was a tremendous success. Legislators were provided an insight into the Northeast Indiana business climate, and why this initiative is so important. The Regional Chamber and our partners are calling this matter to the attention of lawmakers, in part, because our region continues to drag behind on several nationwide and statewide economic indicators.

· Per capital income in Northeast Indiana has failed to keep pace with that of the U.S.

· The region has experienced a loss of income relative to the nation as a whole for the past 15 years.

· Residents of Northeast Indiana have seventy-eight cents in income for every dollar of income compared to the nation.

· Average annual wages for Northeast Indiana have been on the decline relative to the rest of the country. Income throughout the region also varies considerably. Allen and DeKalb counties average 84 percent of the nation annual wages, roughly $38,000 per year. Four of the ten counties have seen average wages slip below 70 percent of the nation.

Right-to-work is shown to improve these indicators:

· Per capita income growth: Right-to-work states 62.3%; U.S. average 54.7%; non-right-to-work states 52.8%; Indiana 37.2%

· Employment growth: Right-to-work states 100%; U.S. average 71%; non-right-to-work states 56.5%; Indiana 42.8%

· Growth in real personal income: Right-to-work states 164%; U.S. average 114.2%; non-right-to-work states 92.8%; Indiana 62%

It’s critical that Indiana make the move to become a right-to-work state. It’s especially important as some of our neighbors and competitors look at implementing it first. Help us keep the momentum going. Legislators are deciding their 2012 priorities RIGHT NOW! Make sure right-to-work is at the top of their list.