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Indiana INTERNnet: Engaging Indiana's future

Posted: Thursday, May 15, 2014

More than just a catchy phrase, this workforce truth is the foundation for Indiana INTERNnet’s work. Internships promote career readiness and lead to employment, thereby strengthening Indiana’s workforce. It’s a fact, and we have the success stories to supplement the research.

Indiana INTERNnet is a free internship-matching program linking employers, industry clusters and associations, individuals seeking internships, high schools, colleges and universities. The goal is simple: create and expand high-quality experiential opportunities within Indiana.

One initiative in line with this goal is Indiana INTERNnet’s partnership with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education’s EARN Indiana program. Through this program, employers can receive state matching funds – up to 50% of a student’s hourly rate, which must meet minimum wage requirements – in exchange for hiring eligible students (those who qualify for state financial aid). Indiana INTERNnet’s web site provides EARN Indiana with the Internet-matching technology tool to help students find relevant positions and employers post meaningful internship opportunities—for free! All employers (both non-profit and for-profit) are encouraged to apply for EARN funding.

Internships are key to keeping young talent in Indiana. To the benefit of the students, internships promote job responsibility, experiential opportunities and career exploration. To the benefit of the employers, internships increase organizational productivity, improve recruiting, broaden capabilities and inject enthusiasm into the workplace.

Transitioning interns into full-time hires is also a proven time- and cost-saving recruiting method. The overall conversion rate for turning interns into full-time hires is 48.4% according to NACE’s 2013 Internship & Co-op Survey.

Indiana INTERNnet’s online resource does more in addition to connecting employers and students for internship opportunities. The site offers an events calendar, college/university career center contacts, educational resources, video tutorials, e-newsletters, blog, agreement and assessment templates and an electronic version of Intern Today, Employee Tomorrow: The Indiana Employer’s Guide to Internships.

With your free Indiana INTERNnet account, you can create a company profile, post internships and connect with students searching for internships. You can also access Indiana INTERNnet via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn group.