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Indiana Bicentennial Celebration held Friday

Posted: Friday, September 30, 2016

Huntington County’s Indiana Bicentennial Celebration began in Roanoke this morning, September 30. The official Indiana Bicentennial Torch was a part of Roanoke’s festivities which began at 9:45 a.m. The celebration included Torchbearers Pat Horoho, Jessica Hartmus, Perry Collins and Joan Keefer and students from Roanoke Elementary School.

The Torch left Roanoke accompanied by official Huntington County Torchbearers. Antique cars, two runners and a horse-drawn carriage assisted in bringing the 20 official Huntington County Torchbearers to Hier’s Park. The community ceremony complete with local dignitaries began at 10:45 with a community choir, under the direction of Mark Kiefer, and Erie Band, under the direction of Thaine Campbell. During the celebration Gib Young read the poem “Ain’t God Good to Indiana” and Ann Siegfried read the poem “Indiana.”

Huntington County Torchbearers include Marvin McNew, Bob Burnsworth, Melanie Park, Steve Park, Bob Jennings, Jean Gernand, Dr. John Buhler, Rose Wall, Marj Hiner, Gene Snowden, Jim Scheiber, Cynthia Wartzok-Smith, Shannon Glancy in honor of George Bergman, Jessi Brown in honor of Robert Brown, Deb Daugherty and Megan Engle in honor of Dean Stephan.

“We Had a Hand in the Bicentennial,” an exhibit created by Huntington County students, was on display at Hier’s Park as was The Bison-tennial exhibit, Keekiiyosia, sponsored by the United Way. The official Bicentennial Experience, a moving mobile exhibit featuring Hoosier pride, was available for attendees to walk through.

A Huntington ALL-IN Block Party featured eight challenges crafted by the Bicentennial steering committee and vital community partners in individual booths. All fourth graders from the county were transported to Hier’s Park with their own set of history narratives explained by various individuals and groups in separate Hier’s Park buildings.

All events for the Huntington County Indiana Bicentennial Celebration were coordinated by a Huntington County Chamber of Commerce steering committee led by Steve Kimmel and Angie Garcia in conjunction with the State of Indiana Bicentennial Commission. The Chamber thanks everyone who helped in any way to make the day a success. For more photos of the event, see the October Chamber newsletter.

Adults and students line the auction barn at Hier's Park to help celebrate Huntington County's Indiana Bicentennial Celebration this morning.