Friday, September 24th, 2021

Huntington Metro Kiwanis honors ‘Terrific Kids’

Posted: Friday, May 21, 2021

Huntington Metro Kiwanis recognized for 2021 seventeen fourth-grade students from Andrews, Flint Springs, Huntington Catholic, Horace Mann, Roanoke and Salamonie schools for their 29th Terrific Kids. The acronym TERRIFIC stands for thoughtful, enthusiastic, respectful, responsible, inclusive, friendly, inquisitive and capable.

The students honored were selected by their teachers on the basis of outstanding performance and improvement in grades, homework and citizenship. They were honored with a certificate, Chamber Bucks and bumper stickers.

The following students were honored as Terrific Kids: Mark Asher, Amylia Shideler and Dietrich Barker from Andrews; Aaliyah Lujon, Khourtnee Noland and Amari Milton from Flint Springs; Addison Bischoff from Huntington Catholic; Elijah Taylor, Anna Mygrant, Isabella Witt and Berenice Castillo-Pozuelos from Horace Mann; Addy LaMontagne, Sarah Shriver, Hailynnn Elzey and Jacie Herring from Roanoke and Lola Sudler, Jayhla Erickson and Giselle Barton from Salamonie.

Teachers include Anna Perkins and Jamie Stevens from Andrews; Lauren Davis, Blake Shortridge and Katheryn Thirkettle from Flint Springs; Jacqueline Thomas from Huntington Catholic; Stan Sands, Jennifer Herrberg, Chris Baut and Becky Livingston from Horace Mann; Emilee Green, Jennifer Colvard, Kristin May and Caitlin Gault from Roanoke and Rebecca Hacker, Leah Long and Kayla Whitacre from Salamonie.