Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Huntington, Markle libraries reaching for goals

Posted: Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Huntington Library has set an ambitious goal: to reach 200,000 checkouts of physical items by December 31, 2018. Now the Markle Branch is joining the initiative with its own goal of 16,350 checkouts by the same deadline.

The goal is roughly seven percent higher than last year’s final checkout number - the same increase the Huntington Library is seeking. While Markle’s checkouts also count towards Huntington’s goal, the library felt it was important for the Markle Branch to have its own goal as well.

“The patrons of the Markle Branch are a smaller but tight-knit group,” Devon Henderson, marketing specialist said. “Their checkouts are part of Huntington’s overall goal, but most of the 200,000, if achieved, will come from Huntington patrons. We feel it is important to give the residents of Markle their own goal to strive towards - something they can accept and reach on their own, independent of the Huntington Library.”

The Markle Library has its own Checkout Challenge progress tracker. Located on the wall by the Information Desk is a long covered bridge, complete with a mini Ford Model-T. The car will travel across the bridge as the checkout count increases, exiting the bridge if the goal is met. The tracker is modeled after Markle’s iconic former covered bridge, which stood until 1966, and was only possible due to the artwork of local artist Barbara Oldham.

To learn more and participate, simply visit the library and check out items. Those who check out 20 items at once will receive a free tote bag (one per person), and Checkout Challenge sheets can be picked up for those looking to turn their checkouts into a game. Each completed Checkout Challenge sheet can be entered for prizes throughout the year, as well as for grand prizes in December.