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Huntington implements new COVID-19 measures

Posted: Wednesday, November 25, 2020

New measures were put in place Tuesday to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the City of Huntington, alongside of support and resources for impacted businesses and residents. Huntington is currently still shown in the orange status.

“We are taking these steps to protect our community, our residents and our hospitals, which are experiencing capacity issues and shortages of doctors and nurses as they experience COVID-19 infection,” Huntington Mayor Richard Strick said.

Strick announced measures the City of Huntington will implement, effective immediately, during a press conference Tuesday afternoon at the Etna Avenue fire station. Individuals and businesses may receive a written warning for a first offense, with escalating penalties for each subsequent citation.

Wearing masks in public spaces is required at all levels of the city’s plan, as is six feet of distance between members of different households. Businesses must have an approved COVID-19 Health Plan on file with the Huntington County Health Department and are advised to display signage that masks are required and provide service only to customers who mask up.

The measures announced Tuesday are tied directly to the Indiana State Department of Health’s color-coded metrics map based on the prevalence and spread in our community. The map can be found at

For more information or to view the City of Huntington COVID-19 Measures click here.