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Huntington Fire Department earns ISO 3 rating

Posted: Friday, August 11, 2017

Fire Chief Tim Albertson of the Huntington Fire Department announced at the Huntington City Council meeting on Tuesday, August 8, that the fire department has been rated an Insurance Service Organization ISO 3. Prior to this rating, the fire department was rated an ISO 4. The new rating will take effect on November 1, 2017.

ISO, an organization that tracks property and casualty insurance risk, evaluates and rates a community’s ability to handle fires. Many insurers factor that information into the formulas they use to come up with your home insurance premium. The thinking behind using ISO ratings is this: The better equipped a community is to fight fires, the less likely it is that homes and businesses in your area will sustain major fire damage.

Under the ISO program, called the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule, communities can score between 1 and 10, with Class 1 being the most exemplary and Class 10 being the least. Historically, residential communities with the worst ISO ratings have had fire losses that were more than twice the amount of losses in communities with the best ratings, according to studies conducted by ISO.

To come up with the ratings, ISO evaluates three areas: Fifty (50%) percent of the score looks at your local fire department, including staffing, training, geographic distribution of firehouses and adequacy of the fire equipment. Forty (40%) percent of the score takes into account the community’s water supply, including the placement and condition of fire hydrants and the amount of water that’s available to put out fires. Ten (10%) percent of the score measures the efficiency of emergency communications, such as the 911 system and the number of emergency dispatchers.

Chief Albertson congratulated Melissa Christman, dispatch director, City of Huntington and Annette Carroll, city utilities director, City of Huntington, for their help in securing the ISO 3 rating. Chief Albertson said, “Without their help, and the work of those two departments, we would not have been able to improve our classification.”

Albertson went on to say, “Less than five percent of fire departments in Indiana achieve an ISO 3 or better and only nine are ISO 2 with no community receiving an ISO 1 in Indiana.” Currently there are 1,651 fire departments in the state of Indiana.

Individual residents and businesses in the city limits may find that with the fire department new ISO 3 rating, home and/or business insurance premiums may decrease as much as 5 to 8% depending on the carrier which is always good news.

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