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HU to continue campus improvements

Posted: Thursday, March 29, 2012

Renovations are set to begin this summer on Huntington University’s athletic and recreational facilities. The projects are the next phase of the university’s capital campaign.

Together: The Campaign for Huntington University was publically launched in 2010. To date, the campaign has funded construction of the new 2-D art building at the Studio Art Center and substantial renovations to Becker Hall for the use of the university’s fast-growing digital media arts program. The campaign has also increased scholarships through gifts to the University Fund and endowment. In addition, the campaign enabled the replacement of gymnasium bleachers at the Merillat Physical Education and Recreation Complex (MPERC).

“The Together campaign has made great strides in improving the opportunities for students at Huntington University,” said Vincent Haupert, vice president for advancement. “Because of our generous donors, we are able to gear up for the next phase of the campaign.” This summer, work will continue in and around the athletic complex. The university will upgrade the exercise and weight-training areas of the MPERC. New physical fitness machines, including new strength training and cardio equipment, will be installed. “Our goal is to significantly improve these areas of the MPERC to benefit athletes and non-athletes including those who are majoring in the university’s exercise science programs,” said President G. Blair Dowden.

The university will also replace its competition track. The new outdoor track will improve the ability of the men’s and women’s track teams to train and will enhance recruiting opportunities. In addition, the new track will be available to all students for fitness training. “We’re thrilled to be able to move forward with another piece of the capital campaign projects. A new track facility is one of our biggest athletic facility needs, so we’re excited that it’s going to become a reality. It will be a tremendous benefit for training, competing and recruiting for our track and field programs as well as another fitness option for our entire student body,” said Lori Culler, athletic director.

Improvements to the soccer complex are also scheduled for this summer. A new press box and updated dugouts are among the projects being planned. As additional gifts are received, the university plans to improve the practice and intramural soccer fields to provide more program flexibility.

“Taken together, gifts and pledges to the capital campaign will enable us to invest nearly a million dollars in this next phase of campus improvements,” Dowden said. “The upgrades will support our academic programs, promote health and fitness and provide important upgrades to our athletics facilities. These projects represent flexibility in our planning, good stewardship of available resources and a commitment to benefiting students while working within our means.”