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HU students recognized for creativity

Posted: Friday, October 28, 2011

Huntington University hosted the fifth annual Youth Entrepreneur Symposium on Tuesday, October 25. Sophomores, juniors and seniors from Huntington North High School along with HU students participated in the day-long event.

Students were divided into 16 groups and experienced firsthand how to invent a new application for Facebook, iPod, iPhone or Android. Ideas from the sessions included iFindIt, Pocket Survivalist and Txt Skool.

After creating their product concept, the students were challenged to expand their products into a business concept. Each group determined what the product was, how it was different from other products, how the product would make money, who the customers were, how customers would use the product, and finally, where and how the product would be sold. The top five groups presented their products to the judges with their peers as the audience.

The winning business concept was iFindit which helps you locate lost items.  The team members were Levi Lawson, Laura Daronatsy, Jacob Mills, Carley McElhaney and Trey Bowling.

The second place business concept was Pocket Survivalist which provides survival tips and other First Aid advice. Their team consisted of Lauren Daas, Sean Godfroy, Jason Vogleman and Jared Mellendorf.

The third place team’s concept was Txt Skool. This concept would provide a link between your phone and your school for information on textbooks, homework, teachers and other helpful tips. Team members included Reid Fawcett, Nick Solloway, Dakota Plasterer, Brittany Scher and Brandi Frewer.

The “Most Creative Business Concept” award was given to StretchIt which allowed you to stretch your iPhone to the size of an iPad. Team members were Brandon Broxon, Ed Yanes, Elizabeth Reed, Jenny Steele and HU student Lance Wood.

Steve Franks of the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center was the facilitator for the day.