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HR workshop planned for October 12

Posted: Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Huntington Chamber of Commerce is excited to sponsor “Mastering Conflict Resolution,” a hands-on, half-day workshop offered by HR Ideas Unlimited at Huntington University, 2303 College Avenue, from 8 to 11:00 a.m. on October 12, 2011.

Back by popular demand, this workshop will be facilitated by a local area business professional, Alan Siepker-SPHR of HR Ideas Unlimited of Wabash, Indiana. The Mastering Conflict Resolution workshop is designed specifically for people who supervise and manage others. The most common and most difficult conflict to resolve is dealing with conflict between two or more employees. How do you find out what “really happened?” How do you resolve issues without “taking sides?” How can you get people to actually “listen and commit to solutions?” This workshop is guaranteed to cover the answers to these questions and more.

Participants will use “real life” situations and focus on addressing the root cause of “conflict, arguments, gossip, confrontations, and any other common distractions from work.” The main thrust of the workshop will center on strengthening the supervisor’s effectiveness. Learn techniques proven to reduce emotion, gain commitment, and resolve problems before they get out of control.

Don’t accept excuses anymore. Learn how to inspire, improve performance, self-esteem, and morale.  Each participant will discover how to guide, direct, and influence employee behavior. The effective leader effectively masters conflict with confidence and assurance. If you enjoy being frustrated by continuing conflict at work, this workshop is not for you.

This workshop is facilitated by a highly experienced, practitioner, Alan Siepker, who for 27 years has coached supervisors and leaders at all levels. This is an application-based, results oriented session. Bring your most difficult employee conflict situation for group discussion and return to work with a solid action plan.

As with all previous HR Ideas Unlimited workshops, these hands-on seminars will encourage the sharing of best practices, experiences, and techniques to improve communication skills, increase job satisfaction, and reduce stress.

The cost of this half-day seminar is $50 per person and runs from 8:00 to 11 a.m. at Huntington University.

“We have again selected this affordable, high quality, manufacturing and service sector training to assist and add value to our Huntington County Chamber members and area employers.  It is important for all businesses today to “successfully handle conflict” within all levels of the organization to be competitive and grow.

HR Ideas is an association of area working business professionals who conduct human resource, management, communication, technical, quality, and leadership training workshops and provide customized training designed to help other area working professionals to better understand how to successfully navigate and achieve improved results.

For workshop information go to: www.hrideasunlimited .net and for registration go to: www.huntingtoncountychamber.com