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HNHS Career Development requires shadowing

Posted: Friday, August 24, 2012

The Huntington North High School Career Development Program for the 2012-2013 school year will require each high school student to complete an out-of-school job shadowing experience during their sophomore year. Job shadowing involves spending time with a mentor to explore career options and to see how the skills students learn in school relate to work.

Students will look for someone who has a career they are interested in and follow them over a designated period of time at their employment. The process is designed to provide information on career options and to give students shadowing, insight into the career field of the mentor. Students select their top three career choices through the class Nav 101 in their freshman year. The shadowing program is monitored by sophomore English teachers.

Sophomore students will select and arrange their job shadowing experience based on their personal career goals and meaningful future plans. Job shadowing can take place through family, friends or other contacts. Various forms and documentation are completed prior to the time with the mentor.

A student makes the arrangements with the shadowing business or site and is excused for one day from school for the shadowing experience. Upon completion of the experience, a one page paper is completed and presented to the student’s English class. A Power Point presentation and pictures may also be helpful.

Steve Schenkel, Director of Adult Education for the Huntington County Community School Corporation, indicates that community businesses are very excited to team with the high school for this valuable educational opportunity for sophomores. For more information or to become a participating business, contact Schenkel at (260) 356-2858 or e-mail