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Hillman receives Barlow history award at HU

Posted: Friday, February 3, 2017

The Huntington University History and Political Science Department has awarded the 2016 Jack P. Barlow Sr. History Book Prize to Darius Hillman. The history and political science department awards the Barlow Book Prize to a student who has demonstrated excellence in an advanced history seminar. The annual award has been given out since 2002 in honor of Barlow’s 30 years of service to Huntington University as a history professor. Barlow retired in 1999.

Hillman demonstrated excellence in his outstanding article-length research paper, “A Nation Divided: Racial Upheaval and the Kerner Commission” (the main assignment for the seminar). Hillman also engaged in and fostered a lively class discussion, and he closely read, analyzed and critiqued both historical and contemporary texts in the process. Hillman, from Angola, is majoring in political science with an emphasis in pre-law studies, history, and criminal justice.

“Darius wrote an outstanding and persuasive article-length research paper on the intersection of race, law enforcement, and the Kerner Commission’s 1968 report. I was impressed by the insight and thorough research reflected in his project,” stated Dr. Kate Brown, assistant professor of political science.

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Shown in the photo is Darius Hillman, a Huntington University junior from Angola, as he accepts the 2016 Jack P. Barlow Sr. History Book Prize from Dr. Kate Brown, assistant professor of political science.