Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

Heritage Days celebration to go on as planned

Posted: Wednesday, June 17, 2015

This posting is for everyone in the community!

Our hearts go out to those individuals that are struggling with flooding issues, and we pray the weather turns for the better very soon. The City of Huntington and many volunteers are working tirelessly to keep sandbags filled and to protect the citizens and the homes of those living in Huntington. Thank you to all!

The Chamber has received a few calls asking if it would be possible to postpone or move the Heritage Days celebration to another date. Unfortunately, that would not be possible at this time. The plans, permits, road closures, and more are all in motion and can not be changed.

According to the weather forecasts, Friday has a 10% chance of rain and Saturday and Sunday has a forecast of "scattered showers." Since our plans are in place, we must continue forward, hope for the best, and pray for nicer weather.

The parade is scheduled come rain or shine. The parade will only be called off if we have dangerous thunder and lightning.

Thank you, to all our friends who have contacted us, we feel your pain.