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Helena Chemical terminal making progress

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Helena Chemical Co. is making progress on the construction of its Huntington terminal, located along Highway U.S.-24 East, with an anticipated completion date of this fall. The company will provide fertilizer products on the 96 acre lot to support Helena’s retail and wholesale accounts and be a preferred link in the supply chain to growers.

Huntington County welcomed Helena Chemical at its groundbreaking December 14, 2010. The plant under construction has 21,000 tons of dry fertilizer capacity and 25,000 tons of liquid fertilizer capacity. It will have 14 full time employees and part time and seasonal help. The terminal will have access to 32 railway cars with tracks in close proximity.

According to company plans, the addition of the Huntington terminal will give the opportunity for Helena to grow and sustain that growth. The amount of storage will enable them to dedicate tanks to certain locations based upon need and use, providing a greater availability to Helena’s customers. The speed in which they are able to move products will make Helena and its location more efficient than other facilities of its kind.

Helena officials plan to take Potash beginning in late October/November of this year. The plant will have the capability of unloading rail cars in 20 minutes with a conveyor belt speed of 200 tons per hour. They will be capable of loading trucks in 6 to 8 minutes with dry product and in 10 minutes with liquid product. The liquid formulation building’s expected completion date is January of 2012 and is on track to manufacture product by April 2012. The property will have 26 tanks on site including three 500 ton tanks, two 2500 ton tanks, one 1800 ton tank, 18 165 ton tanks and two 100 ton tanks.

Helena’s Huntington terminal will be fully automated and have un-attending loading 24/7. The goal of Helena’s vision is to ultimately be consistent with the company theme “People-Products-Knowledge.”