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HCL seeking participants for 2012

Posted: Friday, June 1, 2012

The Huntington County Leadership Academy will hold a new series of classes beginning Tuesday, August 14 and run through Tuesday, October 23. The classes will continue every other Tuesday and take place from 8 to 10 a.m. at the Horace Mann Educational Center located at 2485 Waterworks Road. Participants may attend all sessions but a minimum attendance of four is required to receive a participation certificate.

Huntington County Leadership was founded to develop informed, motivated citizens who will help the county meet tomorrow’s challenges. The mission is to discover and develop a diverse group of citizens dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of life in Huntington County.

The lessons include: The Iceberg – Leadership development begins with strong character and self-leadership. The second class is titled Rivers and Floods – Leaders must embrace the power of focus and vision. The third lesson is Chess and Checkers – Leaders learn they must connect with people at the point of their strengths. Lesson four is Emotional Fuel – Leaders must establish a network of supportive relationships to grow. The fifth lesson is Big Rocks First – where the leaders learn to practice proper priorities to gain results and the sixth and final lesson is The Velvet-Covered Brick – where participants learn to be tough and tender as they resolve conflict.

The tuition for the 2012 Leadership Development Series is $300 per student for all six lessons if pre-registered by Friday, July 20. This includes books and meals. After July 20, the fee is $400 or $75 per single session. Pre-registration for a single session requires a 24-hour notification to allow for food. For more information or an application, visit or call Michelle Hogan at (260) 359-2536.