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Harmony Feast to be held September 23

Posted: Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Second Annual Harmony Feast will be held Friday, September 23 from 5 to 7:30 p.m. The public is invited to attend this event which will be located in a large tent near PNC Bank in Huntington Plaza Shopping Center across from Kriegbaum Field.

The Harmony Feast marks the observance of Harmony Day in Huntington County. Harmony Day is an outreach of the Harmony Initiative, an organization of local volunteers dedicated to appreciating and recognizing the contributions from people of all backgrounds, that make our community a great place to live, to grow and to prosper.

The Harmony Feast mini food court, celebrating Huntington County cultures, will offer food by purchase of tickets from a variety of area food vendors. Over 400 people enjoyed the celebration last year by purchasing food at the feast. Tickets will be $1 each and it will require one to three tickets to purchase one food item.

Inside the tent those in attendance will find several tables featuring food vendors from Huntington County offering American, Mexican, Irish, Italian, German, Greek, Cuban, Native American and a selection of other foods. The tickets are purchased upon entrance to the tent to select the foods. The Boys Scouts and Bailey’s Coffee will take tickets for beverages.

Tables will be available to sit and enjoy dinner while the Huntington North High School homecoming parade passes by. Boogie Down Dee-Jays will provide musical selections. The parade will be followed by the traditional homecoming football game at Kriegbaum Field.

Sponsorships for the Harmony Feast are available and can be discussed by calling the Huntington County Chamber of Commerce at 356-5300. For more information visit the website at