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Habitat ReStore is new Safe Place Site

Posted: Friday, May 18, 2018

The Habitat ReStore of GFW, 250 Commercial Drive, has become the newest Safe Place site in Huntington County. Hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“The Habitat ReStore is excited to join the list of Safe Place locations in Huntington County. It is important to the ReStore to be supportive to youth in our community, and we are glad to provide another option for a safe environment,” stated Maureen Flynn, development coordinator for the ReStore.

The Youth Services Bureau of Huntington County has been providing youth in Huntington County with immediate assistance during times of crisis through the Safe Place program since 1990. Project Safe Place is a national program designed to provide prompt, professional support to young people in order to prevent them from being a run away, homeless or involved in other risky behaviors. Youth can access the program by contacting the Crisis phone at (260) 560-7676 or by stopping at one of the businesses throughout Huntington County that display the large yellow and black sign.

“The Safe Place sites are vital for the success of this program. Without these caring businesses, youth would not have the visual reminder of the program nor would they have safe places to go in times of crisis,” stated Callie Monce, program coordinator.

Shown in the photo from left are Maureen Flynn, development coordinator for the ReStore; JoAnn Burnau, ReStore manager and Callie Monce, program coordinator, Youth Services Bureau.