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H Fine Jewelry and Design opens online

Posted: Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hannah Scher has a new business in Huntington. H Fine Jewelry and Design opened on February 2 at Scher’s home. The jewelry sells mostly online at her website

Scher says she decided to open her own business because she wanted to be able to focus on the art of the jewelry business and on the people she is working with. She wants her customers to know they are getting reliable and responsible jewelry from her line.

Six specific pieces of jewelry are always available from her line which includes four pendants and two pair of earrings. She has also added seven one of a kind pendants and rings. Only one piece of each of the new jewelry is available. Her line includes unique pieces which feature Ethiopian opals, turquoise, hand engraving, diamonds, other colored gems and white oak wood.

Scher’s jewelry also currently includes two 14K hand engraved bands with scroll and flower designs, two opal pieces that are accented by hand engravings and set in fine silver on sterling silver chains, a turquoise piece set in fine silver with three-petal flowers hand engraved around it and a green amethyst piece with two diamonds accenting it set in fine silver. Additionally, there is a piece of unique white oak set in fine silver which is a natural piece, and not a piece seen typically in a jewelry store. All opals are two carat stones. An additional two carat opal is currently being made into a ring and a 3.8 carat opal is soon to be a pendant.

She received her schooling from Blaine Lewis at New Approach School for Jewelers in Franklin, Tennessee. Scher has a graduate certification as a bench jeweler.

Scher says her business does custom work. This includes designing a special, one of a kind piece, made in collaboration with the client. This process can take up to four to six weeks. Scher says that if a client knows they will want a custom made piece they should contact her with plenty of time.

Repairs and resizings are also her specialty. Scher can be contacted through her website for all repair questions. She also provides cleaning and polishing of jewelry.