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Final beam is placed on hospital expansion

Posted: Friday, April 27, 2018

Parkview Huntington Hospital’s (PHH) renovation and expansion project reached a milestone on April 12 with the installation of the final beam on the steel structure that has sprung up quickly in recent weeks.

According to Parkview Health tradition, PHH co-workers, leaders and board members as well as Parkview Physicians Group co-workers in on-site offices – had the opportunity to add their good wishes to the project by signing the beam before it was hoisted into place and secured. Many included messages remembering Holly Sale, the late director of the hospital’s Rehab and Wellness Center, who had dreamed for years of being able to expand the center.

In the months before Sale’s untimely death, she had poured over every detail of plans with the project’s architect and drove the PHH leadership team efforts in shepherding the project through Parkview’s construction approval process. Parkview honored her vision and decades of dedication to exceptional patient service by renaming the new center, the Holly D. Sale Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, to open in early 2019.

At 3 p.m. on April 12, a group gathered at the edge of the construction site to watch as workmen looped a cable around the beam, attached the cable to the crane’s hook, and lifted the beam off the sawhorses that had held it while co-workers added their signatures throughout the day. The beam was affixed in the southeast corner canopy of the steel structure, and as the crane hook pulled away, the audience cheered and applauded.

“This would be such a proud day for Holly,” said Juli Johnson, president, PHH. “The rain cleared and we had sunny, beautiful weather. I’d like to think Holly was letting us know she’s keeping an eye on this expansion, because it was her baby.”

“It’s been thrilling to see how fast the early stages of work went despite the crazy winter weather,” said Johnson. “Unfortunately, we have had to deal with some vibration and noise, first as the stone was put down and compacted for the footprint of the addition, and later, from other activity. That can be a big distraction for patients, physicians, staff, and visitors. We really appreciate how flexible and patient all the people in the MOB have been with the ways they’ve had to adapt. Now that the structure is up, I think we’re all excited to watch the progress toward the finished expansion.”

The addition of free valet service at the Medical Office Building has been a help to patients since some parking spaces in the MOB lot have been temporarily lost to construction activity. A significant number of PHH employees continue to park off site, thanks to the generosity of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which opened its parking lot to employees as a good campus neighbor. Construction workers park in a section of the lot at the Parkview Huntington YMCA, another good neighbor.

“Our priority from day one has been making sure that parking and services for our patients continue to run as smoothly as possible throughout this process,” said Johnson.

When complete in 2019, the addition will house not only the expanded spaces and offerings of the Holly D. Sale Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, but also a clinic for state-of-the-art treatment of chronic, non-healing wounds. It will feature two hyperbaric oxygen chambers as well as various next-generation treatments for wounds related to diabetes, burns, non-healing surgical wounds, traumatic injuries, and other conditions.

“Between services we’re adding in Rehab and Wellness and the amazing capabilities of the wound clinic, we’ll be able to offer even more types of healing here at the hospital than ever before,” said Johnson.

Shown in the photo is Juli Johnson, president, and Sonya Foraker, finance manager, Parkview Huntington Hospital just prior to placing the final beam.