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Fetters gives his State of the City address

Posted: Friday, April 13, 2012

Mayor Brooks Fetters gave his State of the City report to employees and board members of Parkview Huntington Hospital and others in attendance on Wednesday, April 11 at the hospital. Monday, April 2 was the mayor’s 100th day in office.

Fetters is looking to future economic development for the city, bringing additional jobs to the area, keeping existing jobs, improving city services and cleaning up existing buildings and homes. The mayor brought his department managers with him to answer questions from the audience.

Fetters said economic development is a team effort and one of the challenges that the city has, and one of the exciting things, is that the last clean industrial space, the Stride Rite building, hopefully, will be filled. He plans to work with Huntington County Economic Development, the Redevelopment Commission, the commissioners and also the county and city councils to see what can be done toward finding a location for a new industrial park.

The mayor also spoke about the need to encourage education beyond high school. He commented that Huntington needs individual certifications and post-secondary certifications which will impact significant employment in a quality way.

Concerns about recycling were also addressed by Fetters. He said that recycling drop off was only available at the landfill and by Midwest Tool, but this week, recycling drop off began at the street department on Briant Street by the water tower across from Mignone Communcations. Also Brown Bag Fridays have been put in place. City residents can call the street department through the week at 356-4720 to schedule yard waste pickup at curbside on Fridays.

Fetters is also working to establish a quality level of customer service to the public. His office is trying to respond to people who call in with a concern within an hour and if not, no later than the next day. Along this line of discussion, the mayor talked about the area of code enforcement in terms of homes and other buildings. He wants to make sure that facades are maintained and neighbors are enjoying a quality of life. Plans are also in the works for several streets to be paved.

Shown in the photo is Mayor Brooks Fetters addressing the audience at Parkview Huntington Hospital on Wednesday, April 11. In the background are Tim Albertson, fire chief, and Denise Bard, superintendent of the Huntington Parks Department.