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Dream Center graduates first women's resident

Posted: Friday, May 19, 2017

Janet Baggett, a disciple of the Indiana Dream Center, is the first woman to complete the organization’s Women’s Home program. The Dream Center’s discipleship homes exist to serve men and women that are actively searching for a new life by providing them with tools, services and housing.

Baggett came to the Dream Center in October of 2016 from Florida. From the age of 13, she struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. In and out of rehab, she thought she had beaten her addiction before relapsing again. Her parents have been together for over 60 years and have prayed for her for a very long time.

“I am a new creation,” Baggett said after her six-month stay at the Women’s Home. “I have been redeemed! I am a child of God.”

Baggett has two children and one eight-year-old grandchild. She is planning on giving back her success and education by staying at the Women’s Home as a team member on the overnight shift. She will continue to live in the home and share her success with others just like her.

The Indiana Dream Center desires to see individuals free from all life-controlling issues through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. The Women’s Home was opened in September of 2015, and it focuses on making strides in women’s lives to move them forward by eliminating life-controlling issues. Through ministry, education and community involvement, participants in the Dream Center programs become productive members of communities across the United States.

Shown in the photo is Jeff Carrell, pastor of The Awakening Community Church, and Jan Baggett, recent graduate of the Indiana Dream Center Women’s Home program.