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Drake Goetz Memorial Park bicycle ride scheduled

Posted: Friday, August 23, 2019

The first annual Drake Goetz Memorial Park “Well Water” Ride is planned for Saturday, September 14. The event will take place at the Drake Goetz Memorial Park, 350 E 400 N, at 9 a.m. The park is located about five miles east of the Police Athletic League (PAL) Club on Riverside Drive extended at County Road 400 N.

This is a ‘country style’ bicycle ride that has been organized to help raise funds for the construction of the Drake Goetz Memorial Park, the first ADA approved, all-inclusive community park in Huntington County. Riders are encouraged to pre-register by visiting the following web page at https://runsignup.com and search using the name “Drake Goetz,” and then scroll down and click ‘Drake Goetz Well Water’ to register.

The event cost is $20 per rider or $50 for families of three or more. T-shirts are guaranteed for riders who pre-register prior to August 30. T-shirts will also be given to everyone else while supplies last. All donations and registration fees are tax deductible.

For more information on the ride, or if you are interested in being a sponsor, click this link for more details here.

Note: Drake Goetz Park is a million dollar park that is currently under construction and will include ADA all-inclusive commercial-grade play surfaces, commercial-grade play equipment, restroom facilities, walking trail, basketball court, pickle ball courts and a soccer field. The exact play area has not yet to be determined.