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Dr. Otto U. King celebrated with a historical marker

Posted: Friday, June 22, 2018

A new historical marker became a part of downtown Huntington in a public ceremony on Wednesday, June 20. The marker honors Dr. Otto Ulysses King, a Huntington dentist and the first general secretary and editor of the American Dental Association.

The marker is located just north of Smith Furniture at 322 N. Jefferson Street. The text for the state marker, entitled “Dr. Otto U. King, 1873-1951,” reads: “Huntington dentist Dr. Otto King was essential in leading the American Dental Association as its first General Secretary and Editor, 1913-1927. He founded The Journal of the American Dental Association, first published in this city by Whitelock Press. JADA facilitates the international exchange of dental research and professionalization of the field of dentistry.”

“Dr. King advocated for better dental education, preventative dentistry, and free dental care for children. As a member of Committee on Dentistry, Council of National Defense, he mobilized dentists for WWI service to treat oral trauma inflicted by trench warfare. Promoted free care of recruits barred due to dental issues. King also co-founded the American College of Dentists in 1920.”

For more information about the Indiana Historical Marker Program and other resources about Indiana, visit the Indiana Historical Bureau’s website at or call (317) 232-2535. This is the 11th standing state historical marker installed in Huntington County. For information on other state markers in the county, see