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DBA seeking Christmas tree decorators

Posted: Friday, October 24, 2014

Huntington’s Downtown Business Association (DBA) is gearing up for the Christmas and holiday season. This year there will be Christmas trees placed in the planter boxes along Jefferson Street to bring more color and holiday decor to the downtown area.

The DBA is seeking individuals, families, businesses and/or organizations to “sponsor” trees by decorating them. The group believes that the more color and whimsy that appear on the tree will only enhance the Downtown. The only guidelines are as follows: all decorations must be non-electrical and outdoor friendly; decorations must be securely attached to the tree to withstand wind. Signage/logos/etc. for the sponsoring individual, family, business and/or organization is welcomed and encouraged. Trees will be in place by November 15 and must be decorated by November 28.

If you are interested in decorating a tree please contact Rebecca Hanson, president of the DBA, via email at or via phone at (260) 200-1065.