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Dabbing - latest drug trend to sweep country

Posted: Friday, February 19, 2016

Article submitted by Kelly Sickafoose, LACE Coordinator

There is a new drug trend currently sweeping the country called “dabbing,” which refers to marijuana wax, oil, or concentrates. These concentrates are the extracted resins from green leafy marijuana which can raise the THC content from the typical 15% THC to 60 to 90% THC. A single inhalation of concentrate delivers the THC equivalent to three to 10 inhalations of herbal cannabis. Street names include “dabs,” “butter,” “budder,” “amber,” “honey,” “oil,” or “BHO,” which stands for “Butane Honey Oil” or “Butane Hash Oil.” Concentrates that look like amber-colored glass shards are called “shatter.”

In addition to incredibly high THC, marijuana concentrates have non-traditional and sometimes dangerous symptoms as well. Side effects from dabbing include intense coughing; sweating like you just ran a mile, and extreme tiredness. Some users report more severe side effects, such as hallucinations, passing out, extreme highs (even from small portions), and high levels of impairment. Even Tommy Chong of “Cheech and Chong” has commented on the hazards of dabbing.

Concentrates are commonly extracted using butane (when run through the dry herbal marijuana buds, it extracts the THC). The watery/waxy THC is then heated to bubble off the butane. The use of butane is not the only method to create concentrates, but it is the most popular. Using butane has caused multiple explosions all over the country. These explosions have severely burned and even killed people of all ages, nationwide. The explosions are also causing serious structural damage to their property and neighboring properties.

Once packaged, this product can simply look like a small portion of wax. High school students conceal the waxy BHO by placing it in Carmex lip balm containers and taking it to school. Concentrates can also be laced with other drugs or put into various food products. Obviously, this changes the delivery method and makes identification more difficult.

To smoke the marijuana concentrate, the person uses a specific bong or pipe called an “Oil Rig,” or many people use a device that looks like a standard e-cigarette, but is specific to concentrates and oils. These devices have electric heating sources and are made for smoking wax, oil, dry herbal marijuana or shatter. These e-cigarettes are very discrete and can be hard to identify as drug paraphernalia since they put off very little odor. Another tool used for the extracts is referred to as a dabber, which is a small rod that is made of either glass or metal and it is used to scoop the dose into the device being used.

Clothing and other items are being marketed with “710” on them. 710 is the word “OIL” turned upside down, referring to dabbing. This term is similar to the street level term of 420 which is the universal time to smoke marijuana.

The “dabbing” movement is quickly moving into our communities. As this trend’s popularity continues to skyrocket with individuals of all ages, we need to continue to educate ourselves on the trend and dangers of “dabbing.”

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