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Crestview students write about volunteerism

Posted: Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Marathoners team, a group of eighth grade students from Crestview Middle School, wrote 18 biographies as part of a writing assignment from their Language Arts teacher, Cathy Hull. The students were to find someone they knew or knew of that had performed an altruistic deed or was involved or had been involved in volunteer work.

The assignment included students creating interview questions, interviewing their chosen person, using the six traits of writing to write a draft, peer review, peer edit, and made a portable document format (pdf) of their paper. The result was not only eighteen well-written papers, but students who learned about volunteering, and in turn, became volunteers themselves. One student has been helping at the local animal shelter and another at the soup kitchen in Huntington.

Hull said that she anticipated good things coming from the assignment and “loves it when writing assignments go beyond the brick walls of the school!”

Along with the original writing assignment, the students also completed a small Thanksgiving assignment that also resulted in some students getting involved with those who are less fortunate than themselves. All eighteen biographies can be read by clicking on the link below that correlates with the particular student’s name.

Marissa Jamison
Madi Canady
Hannah Williams
Jennie Vance
Jessica Roberts
Joyce Smith
Kayla Stuttle
Konnor Platt
Kyra Marjamaa
Luke Stroud
Gina Ditzler
Courtney Coffman
Claire Yazel
Connor Nash
Bethany Taylor
Meghan Underwood
Tara Estep
Zach Grenier