Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

Construction firm rolls out new name and image

Posted: Friday, June 4, 2021

Fetters Construction Inc., a local builder with over a quarter-century of construction excellence in Northeast Indiana, Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan, presented Tuesday a bold new identity reflecting the company’s client-focused and team-centered approach to commercial construction and project management. The new name will be FCI Construction.

“Your Vision, Our Experience – Together” leads the modern and cutting-edge attitude found within the FCI Construction team, accentuated by a new spectrum of company colors including a bold orange hue, a charcoal tint and the traditional silver found on all company vehicles.

“Stepping away from the traditional Fetters’ blue is part of the new attitude at FCI Construction,” stated company president Eric Pedersen, adding “our foundation of construction success is solid, built on the achievements of our proud past!”

Adding to the client-focused approach is the Vision Statement, “Building Better – every person, every place, every time.” This internal rally-cry reflects the purposeful all-hands-in mindset found in every FCI Construction project. Along with this, guiding FCI Construction into the next quarter-century of success will be the Mission Statement: “To forge partnerships that become the foundation of successful collaborations on a wide spectrum of innovative construction projects.”

Starting Tuesday, June 1, all vehicles, signage, documents, communications and other brand-sensitive items will reflect the new FCI Construction image.