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Community Connections to hold classes

Posted: Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pathfinder Community Connections, the Community Development division of Pathfinder Services, will be holding two, four hour classes focused on reviewing everything people need to know to become successful home buyers and home owners on Saturday, January 15 and Saturday, January 22. The classes will take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Pathfinder Community Connections Huntington office located at 2824 Theater Avenue in Huntington.

The Home Buyer Education classes of Pathfinder Community Connections include information such as:

- Is owning a home right for you?
- Steps in the home buying process,
- What is a mortgage?
- Other costs of home ownership,
- How much house can you afford,
- Improving your credit score,
- Shopping for the right lender and loan product,
- Definitions of: escrow, appraisal, and equity,
- How to be a good neighbor

“It is important to educate potential home owners on what it takes to buy and maintain a home,” stated Natalie Fisher, Homeownership Education Coordinator for Pathfinder Community Connections. “Potential home buyers who qualify for our program include those who have never owned a home, have not owned a home in the past three years, have always rented or lived with family members, or are in the process of selling their home. We also want to talk to families who want to own a home but believe they cannot afford it, because in many cases they can!” Fisher concluded.

Pathfinder Community Connections customers can take Home Buyer Education classes free of charge. For those who are not a Pathfinder Community Connections customer the cost is $100 for both classes. For more information or to register for the classes please contact Natalie Fisher at Pathfinder Community Connections at (260) 356-0521 ext. 3213 or e-mail her at

Pathfinder Community Connections follows the NeighborWorks America curriculum, “Realizing the American Dream," which is used by home buyer educators across the United States.