Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

City of Huntington has new digital newsletter

Posted: Thursday, April 2, 2020

To better communicate with residents of Huntington, the city of Huntington has created a digital newsletter, which Huntington residents can subscribe to. City news and updates will be sent directly to email inboxes of subscribers.

“The city’s website, our Facebook page and coverage in our local newspapers remain excellent resources,” said Kevin Krauskopf, Huntington Communications Coordinator. “In launching a digital newsletter, we believe it will help the highest number of Huntington residents engage with the city’s leadership.”

To subscribe to the digital newsletter: go to and click the link or go to the City of Huntington Facebook page and click on the e-newsletter sign-up tab. Look for a City of Huntington Facebook post sharing the link. Fill out the sign-up form at

Residents are encouraged to share this among friends and family and help them sign up, especially if they don’t regularly go online or sign into Facebook.

At the beginning of the year city administrators set a goal of increasing communication with Huntington residents and intended to introduce the digital newsletter later in 2020. However, the rapid global spread of COVID-19 accelerated those plans and the first edition will be sent this week, according to city officials.